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What is People Provident Fund?

People who are searching for a good investment option can find the best one in the form of Public Provident Fund. It is popularly known amongthe people by the name PPF. This can be a good choice for those people who are looking for a good long-term investment option. Coming as an investment plan introduced under the governance of the Government of India, the PPF can be considered as an investment plan that assures you 100 percent return of your money along with a good profit. People who were earlier investing their money in the LIC India Insurance Policies are now found to be selecting PPF also an option for investing their money securely. People who are interested in investing their money in the PPF have multiple options for starting this.Some of the most important information on the PPF can be read below.

The India Post Department provides the best and most used PPF accounts to the common people. The people who invest money in PPF by India Post need to keep their money invested there for a minimum of 15 years. So, this is not a good option for people who want to withdraw money after a short period of time. The money invested on this can be exempted from the payment of Tax under the 80C of the Income Tax Act. This benefit attracts a large number of people towards it. The Indian Post PPF accounts also provide the facility to take loans from them once the investment completes 3 years. Apart from the India Post, you can find a lot of banks, both in the Private and Public Sector that are providing users with the option to open a PPF account with them. 

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