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What is Digital Farming? And How Can You Profit Off it?

If you travel out west in the United States, it's hard not to see the history of pioneers in remnants of old homesteads and delapadated farms. Communities would spring up around gold and silver deposits, even water. And among them there'd be a pioneer hoping to create a farm out what many would consider unoportune land.

The moment a resource dried up, the opportunity would go with it, and these pioneers would be forced to up root and leave their land behind, off to find a new opportunity and place to call home.

Today, a new type of farming is available, one that doesn't require land or a lot of physical labor. It does however require resources, and isn't something gauranteed to make you alot of money. In fact, digital farming is full of pioneers that risk their time in search of fortune, just like the pioneers of the past did. 

Digital Farming Opportunities

Todays digital pioneers are busy farming a multitude of things, that drive a multi-billion dollar industry. The biggest investment these pioneers make is time, into the biggest segments of digital farming below.

Crypto mining – digital currencies have exploded, and with them so has the opportunity to mine for them. Some pay better than others, but the premise is still the same. A miner uses a GPU to generate the digital currency they are mining for, which can almost be like playing the lottery. Odds for mining digital currency increase with stronger GPU's, so your setup has a huge impact on how much you can make. What makes it worth it is the astronomical prices cryptos are appreciating too. So while you may mine something worth potatoes today, in the future it could be worth a brick of gold.

Game farming – video games are everywhere. Online multiplayer games, especially the ones that require a lot of time to level up in have huge digital economies. The work of a game farmer is to earn these rewards or level up characters, with which they sell to die-hard fans that are willing to pay for a competetive edge.

Rewards farming – the relatively new kid on the block. Rewards farming has taken some time to mature into a real opportunity. First, internet speed needed to increase, which it has. Second, video streaming needed to get faster. Finally, tech needed to get cheaper and mroe widely available. All of these things have happened, and now it's possible for everyday joes to earn money for watching videos on their devices. The money you make with this type of farming is completely dependent on the number of devices you use. You can get an idea of how much a rewards farmer can make, here.

Concerns You Should Know

Digital farming doesn't come without cost. The same way the pioneers of the past tore down forests and mountainsides in search for precious resources, digital farmers are increasing electricity consumption, which also has an environmental impact. 

One thing that will need to be done to offset this is to encourage investment in greener technologies. A digital farmer can minimize his environmental impact by investing in green tech himself. This could mean he sets up a solar panel rig, or uses energy efficient technology.

There are some environmental benefits to some aspects of digital farming, especially rewards farming. Rewards farmers will be using tech that would otherwise be stuffed in a landfill. They also support the aftermarket sales of used tech, which is a good thing for the environment because it puts to use resources that have already been expended. 

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