Personality Tips

Tips to Improve Body Language

What is the first have an effect on you statement nearly a person ? Have you ever incredulity why sometimes we gets hence impressed plus some people whom you don’t even know ?
This is because; automatically an image of that person gets created in our minds just through the his/her personality.

What is Personality?
Personality is the manner we present ourselves. There are several factors which influence personality; one of them is Body Language.

Further down are some handy tips of Body language, which possibly will help you when you go intended for any Job Interview

Eye contact:
• You look in the eye and talk when you come in as a person of faith and believe and trust you the listener to make it easy.
• Eye contact shows you loyalty and honesty. And it also shows that you are a self-confident person.

Body Posture:
• The body should be erect posture, shoulders straight and chin up. Just keep the rest.
• Do not shake your leg.
• Your hair, do not play with fingers.
• These signals show that you are not interested because there do not look here. It also indicates a lack of confidence.

Hands shake:
• When you shake hands, smile and look in the eyes of the person.
• Indicates a firm grip confidence and ease.
• Remember: do not hold hands for much longer.
You know WT I mean it you can give a very bad impression about.

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