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Tips For Buying Meat

Purchasing meat may seem very easy but this is not the case. There are so many things you need to consider when purchasing meat like the kind of cut you need, type of dish for which you need meat and so on. One meal a day usually consists meat so it is essential to purchase good quality meat.

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Following are some tips that can help in ensuring that you purchase good quality meat

Quality Of The Meat

You can assess the quality of meat by looking for bruises. Good quality and lean meat are free of blood clots, bruises and blood discolouration. It is preferable not to purchase dark coloured or exposed meat. Also, do not purchase a cut that has a lot of fat on it.

Colour And Smell Of Meat

Colour of the meat differs depending on the animal and the cut of meat. Fresh meat has vibrant and rich colour. If the meat has consistently vibrant red colour it indicates it is good quality meat. If there are patches of discolouration it indicates the meat was mishandled. Moreover, you should check if it smells weird, do not purchase that piece.

Handling Of The Meat

Meat should be handled properly when processed, stored and transported to the market. All meat pieces and products should be stored in freezers. When you touch the meat, it should feel cold but if it feels warm do not purchase it. This indicates it was not stored at the proper temperature.

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