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The Science Behind Weight Loss

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There is a science behind losing weight. By learning about this science, we can lay down better plans on how to efficiently reduce the amount of unwanted fat we hold in our bodies. Here are the basics explained.


Energy is needed by the body to carry out its processes and stay active, and the amount of energy contained by the food we eat is measured in calories. When we eat food, our body only respires (burns) the amount of calories it requires at the time. The rest is stored as fat. For those looking to lose weight, it is required of you to eat fewer calories than the amount your body is burning.  If you eat less, then your body will begin using your fat as a source of energy, thus helping you slim down.


Your metabolism refers to the chemical processes that take place in your body – chemical processes that require energy. If your metabolism is fast, then your body carries out chemical processes quickly, and as such, if you boost your metabolism, your body will use its fat for energy at a faster rate. In order to enhance your metabolism, you must eat thermogenic foods – foods which burn more calories than they provide. Examples of such foods are eggs, ginger, fish, jalapenos and garlic.

Understanding the reasons behind how weight-loss works allows you to set up a program through which you can easily lose weight, such as those set up by a Thailand fitness retreat.

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