Migrating to Australia – Obtaining Partner Visas

Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible citizens of New Zealand will have the ability to have their spouses apply for some of the available visa options under the Partner Visa category. To search more details about partner visas you may browse this site.

Migrating to Australia - Obtaining Partner Visas

This class applies to:

* married partners

* Fiancés (people intending to wed)

* De facto spouses (including those in same associations)

If you’re in Australia

1. Partner temporary visa (subclass 820) – You can enter Australia and stay for approximately two years from the date you applied for the visa. Under this visa:

* You will be allowed to operate in Australia

* You will have the ability to study in Australia but you won't qualify for government funding and you'll be asked to pay the international fees upfront.

* You will be able to enroll in Medicare

2. Partner permanent visa (subclass 801) – if you and your spouse are still together after two years on a temporary visa subclass 820, you could qualify for a permanent. Under this visa:

* You can stay, study and work in Australia

* You can enroll in Medicare

* You are able to get some social security benefits

If you’re Outside Australia

1. Partner Temporary Visa (Subclass 309) – If you're from overseas you are able to enter Australia and remain with your spouse who's an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible citizen from New Zealand. Under this visa:

* You are allowed to operate in Australia

* You are allowed to study in Australia but won’t get any government funding

* You may enroll in Medicare.  

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