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India going to fill 5 Lakh Vacancies in next two years

Postal Department of India going to fill 5 Lakh Vacancies in next two years

Communication was started through the help of post office in the past as of the technological advancement people are not opting for sending letters as there are many ways like internet, mobile phones but the importance of it still not reduced as so many things are via post, it was founded on 1st April 1774 and there are 154,866 post offices in India. As of 31 March 2011 there are 131,040 post offices in rural areas.

These are the services provided by them – letter post, parcel service EMS, delivery, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, and deposit account… even after the emergence of all the other technologies it is used for many things.

India post is going to provide employment to 5Lakh youngsters who are waiting for the jobs and to remove unemployment as it is going to establish 5 assistant companies for expanding the work area and will use network of 1.55 lakh post offices, so it is a good opportunity for the job seekers who are waiting for the jobs in government sector.

It the task of central government to provide the job opportunity for the youngsters who are unemployed and also making arrangements for the transformation of India’s postal Department. As it will establish 5 companies for assistance and expansion sure there will be need of employers. The government will the take the decision about the partnership whether completely private sector or public sector.

The companies which are establishes will be related to E-Commerce for the activities of exchanging parcel & packaging so that to reduce the burden on postal departments and making easy their work. As postal jobs are not less than any other private job and can secure the life like a bank job. So people who are interested to do these jobs can apply for these posts as there is much need.

5lakh posts are not just a small thing, so prepare well and apply for this to grab the opportunity which is provided by the government. stay connected to this website for the model papers and tips for preparing for the exam of postal jobs, we will update the latest information provide all information which is needed to you so that to face the exams and also know the exam dates and fee related matters. The youngsters who are eager about the job opportunities got this chance by the government where they can secure their life; don’t take it easy if you want a government job.

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