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Importance Of Personal Career Development For Students

Importance Of Personal Career Development For Students

The confusion point of life occurs when one is to decide their career. This is an important step in their life, and they have to make it with utmost care and concern. For more than several years, high schools across the United States have incorporated something called as a Career day. This is a specific day when the business professionals visit the high school and talk about career options to the students. However, this one day is not enough for the high school students to decide a huge thing like their career. This is why the students are now seeking the guidance of personal career development coaches.

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Though personal career development coaches offer a lot of service for students who did not plan for their future at an early stage, there should be much more done to help the younger generations in personal career development. When the students have a clear understanding of the career options available for them, the end result is a more productive society for the future. With these positive starts, the students can have more college enrollments and get into the best college. Many high schools offer a Career Week, where the students can address their personal career development issues. In the entire week, one or two days are dedicated to introducing seniors to career options by some of the finest professionals in the concerned fields. The rest of the career week would be filled with assessments that resemble the ones offered by personal development coaches. These assessments let the students to explore interests, values, strengths and weaknesses.

These assessments are operated through a computer system which produces a report that outlines the best of the career choices for the students. The high school students can take the personal career development further by going through the Occupational Outlook Handbook. This book allows the student to explore career options by providing information about career details, job, and industry outlooks. After the assessments, the student goes through a personal career development interview with a coach. Through this interview, the student fully explores and discusses the career options, thus making a decision on the path they want to travel in future. The other part of the personal career development activities is a visit by the coach to the senior classrooms, in which the coach explains the importance of goal setting. These initiatives are a stepping stone for the students to build a rock solid career path in future.

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