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How to Spot a Scam Luxury Vacation Rental

How Not to Fall Prey to Scams While Booking Luxury Vacation Rentals

We all want to take a vacation and relax for few days. But, your plans will only be successful when you choose the right vacation rental and ensure that you are not booking a fake listing. In this context, we will be exploring details of common scams fraudsters try to perpetuate and how common people can protect themselves.

How to Avoid Scams 

There are several things you can do to avoid falling prey to scams while booking luxury vacation rentals, let us look at what they are.

Go Through References

luxury vacation rentalsThe first thing you will have to do is contact the owner of the vacation rental and request him or her to provide details of other guests who have stayed at the vacation rental. By contacting them you will be able to know how their experience was while they spent their vacation at the rental.

Genuine owners will have no inhibitions in sharing these details while on the other hand fraudsters will be reluctant to share such details since they do not have anything to share.

Analyze Utility Bills

Similar to asking for references you can also ask the owner to provide you copies of vacation rental's utility bills so that you can have the assurance that the rental property is owned by the person.

Get the Booking Contract

Normally most of the luxury vacation rentals provide a booking contract when someone wants to book their vacation rental and you should get the same. Examining the booking contract is important since it has all the details related to rules as well as regulations you will have to adhere to.

When its time to sign and give back the contact, check whether the owner agrees to receive the same on his or her physical address rather than over email. This way you will be able to make sure that the property address actually exists.

Common Scams Related to Luxury Vacation Rentals

There are several types of scams that fraudsters make use of but here we will look at details of two of the common scam tactics fraudsters utilize.

Scam Involving Fake Adverts

In this type of scam, the scammers make use of listing sites for creating a fake listing for non-existent luxury vacation rentals. These scammers utilize photos as well as information of other listings to create their own fake listing. They make the listing even more attractive by providing unbelievable deals but also put a condition that a major part of the rental is to be paid as deposit and that too through wire transfer. After you make the payment, you will not be able to trace those fraudsters.

Phishing Scams

Here scammers get access to login details of a rental property owner's listing on a listing website or to his or her email account. This way they are able to easily communicate with vacationers who want to book the vacation rental. When someone agrees to book the rental, they ask for a large deposit amount to be wire transferred and then simply vanish.


As we can see it is important to stay vigilant and only book a vacation rental after making all necessary checks.

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