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Cebu Island: Things to Do in Oslob

On Cebu Island, Oslob is one of the best places for tourists who are looking for different kinds of activities that can be done in a day or two. The town is popular for its whale sharks which gives you the opportunity to snorkel with the locally known tuki. It is also a home to a white beach island and some heritage structures that was built from the Spanish colonization era.

Below are the things to do in Oslob:

Whale Shark Watching

The whale shark watching is located in Barangay Tan-awan which is 12 minutes away from the town proper of Oslob. The whale shark watching will cost 500 pesos when swimming with them and 300 pesos when staying in the boat for local tourists. And for the foreign tourists, it will cost 1000 pesos when swimming and 500 pesos when staying in the boat. You must listen carefully on the rules and regulations for the whale sharks during the briefing because violating one of those rules may lead you to fine 2500 pesos or be in jail for four up to six months. If you forgot to bring your underwater camera, don’t worry because you can rent one for 5000 pesos.

Sumilon Island Sandbar Swimming and Beach Bumming

You can book a boat to Sumilon Island after you’re done with the whale shark watching at the briefing area. The boat rate is 1500 pesos for a round trip and good for 5 persons. Sumilon Island has a beautiful sandbar that takes pride in its turquoise waters bounded by rocky cliffs.

The Cuartel, Ruins of the Baluarte, and the Immaculate Conception

If you’re a history buff, you will gladly want to take a tour to the oldest part of Oslob where you can see the Cuartel, Baluarte and the Immaculate Conception. All of these are built in the 18th Century and was utilized by the Spanish.

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