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Aim for IAS with confidence

Aim for IAS with confidence

Abbreviated as IAS, the Indian Administrative ServiceĀ is the premier administrative civil service of the Government of India. IAS officers are key people in the Union Government, States and public-sector undertakings. Most of the dream careers of students would be to become an IAS officer. But what has it really got to do? Civil services are an attractive and challenging career to the determined, aspiring, and talented.

Most popularly known as the policy makers and executors, IAS officers are authorized to sign agreements on behalf of government. At the district level, IAS officers are known as district magistrates/collectors, and are solely responsible for the affairs in that district, be it development, law and order, or anything else. At the secretariat, the officers do their duty as the secretary, deputy secretary, joint secretary, principal secretary, cabinet secretary and the like. It is a privilege to work as the IAS officers, be it in the district or principle secretaries to the Prime Minister or Chief Ministers of different states. Being an IAS officer gives one the huge opportunity of changing the society and the people. Considered as one of the best services in the country, being an IAS office, is a paid form of social service. More than half of the career will be spent in the state the IAS officer is allocated, and where the concerned officer must look after law and order, general administration, and its other developmental functions.

Though the post offers one a lot of perks and a social status, getting into this job is definitely not a piece of cake. The IAS exam is one of the most challenging and toughest exams to face. The exam needs a lot of hard work, preparation, timely presence of mind and the like. Passing this exam is the only way for one to fulfill their dream of becoming a IAS officer. The exam has three stages, mainly the preliminary stage, a main exam and a interview. Of the 4,00,000 people who write this exam every year, only 900 candidates are selected of which the top 50 to 100 guarantees to be an IAS or IFS. This means that the acceptance rate is about 0.01 percent, which in turn makes the IAS exam the most competitive one in the world. The only thing for an IAS aspirant to do is to read a lot that they can crack the exam with confidence.


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