Planning the Perfect Wedding with your Friends and Family

Most brides are very particular about each and every detail of their wedding. Those that don't hire a wedding planner tend to want to oversee everything so they can be sure that things are just so on the big day. When you plan your own wedding, you can easily be overwhelmed with everything that there is to do and sometimes brides don't have a lot of time. You may feel that allowing friends to help you would mean that your wedding will not be all your own. There are ways they can help that still allow you to have the final say in everything.

You can plan your own wedding with help from others and still have the same wedding of which you are dreaming. Those that want to help can take some of the work off of your shoulders without making the major decisions that you want to be your own. If you are not sure where you want to be married, but you don't have a lot of time to go look, have a few friends go visit the sites for you. Have a list of questions they should have answered and ask them to take pictures. This will help you narrow down a few that you like so you have fewer places to visit when you make your choice. The same can be done with the reception hall. Click here for a fantastic wedding venue, one that ticks all the boxes.

Your friends can help with food selections when you plan your own wedding as well. They can visit caterers for you to sample foods. You may not want them to make meal selections for you, but they can tell you which ones are good and which are not, and they can also get pricing information for you to help you decide. You can send them out to bakeries as well, so that they can sample what each has to offer. This helps you narrow down where you go to make your final food, cake, and dessert choices.

When you choose your bridesmaids, you probably go with your friends. This is another time when they can help you save time and effort when you plan your own wedding. If you don't already know what you want them to wear for bridesmaid dresses, allow them to make the choice on their own. You can tell them the exact color you want, and even a bit about the style that you prefer, but allow them to make the final choice. They are paying for it, after all. This can save you time and will allow them to wear a dress they love and may even wear again.

No matter where you make space in your planning, friends can lighten your load a bit. They can do some of the hard work for you while you have final say in everything. It takes a lot of time and energy to plan your own wedding, but that does not mean you have to be exhausted and stressed about it. If you allow someone to help with some things, you can take more time on the things you feel you have to do on your own. Plan your own wedding just as you like, but find room for help and you will be much more relaxed as your big day approaches.

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