Things to Take for Snorkeling Adventure


Many honeymoon destinations provide this activity for couples who wish to try. These are a few items you should carry along with you for your next snorkeling adventure with your partner.

1. Mask – Spend more time in finding out the best mask that fits your face. This is important to prevent any air leakage during your dive.

2. Mask Defogger – In order to prevent your mask getting fogged, it is important to choose a correct goggle defogger. There are different varieties and you should choose one that is non-toxic, alcohol free and biodegradable. It will keep you safe and also provide safety of the reefs and their inhabitants.

3. Snorkel – The most important factor while choosing a good snorkel is the mouthpiece. Make sure it is comfortable and lets the water out instead of letting it in.

4. Float Vest – For those whose swimming skills aren’t that good must rent a good quality vest. This is keeps you safe and free of any nervousness.

5. Rash Guard – It provides protection from sun and ocean bits, especially when the water is too warm.

6. Fins – These come in two sizes. Shorter ones are light and help to change the direction quicker while the longer one helps you to go deep into the water.

7. Neoprene Socks –Fins can cause blisters on your feet. Using neoprene socks provides protection and warmth to your feet.

Bedarra Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia provide this amazing activity for couples.

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