Why Choose Letterpress Printing for Your Business Cards

There are many printing techniques to select from, so why would you opt for the letterpress printing method that has been utilized since Caxton set up his press? This method has barely changed in centuries and involves metal type and plates that are inked and pressed into paper or card stock.

One reason that letterpress printing is currently enjoying a revival and is popular for printing everything from unique cards is that it's a top quality. The metallic kind indents to the paper the printing, leaving a feeling that adds the smoothness and slickness of printing procedures and an additional dimension.

Why Choose Letterpress Printing for Your Business Cards

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Don't believe you will need to stay to utilize Letterpress. As the typesetters did nowadays printers pick out lead characters? Text and Pictures are converted into polymer plates that are inked and pressed in precisely the identical style, but hold to impression and usage than plates and the kids did.

When they request Letterpress printing, most clients expect a profound impression. This does mean you will find an indentation so that business cards might not be possible. However, there are ways. Employing thicker card stock such as 500 or 600 g quality card lowers the amount that the side is affected.

When printing with Letterpress could be controlled the thickness of the impression created. In the old days specialist printers aimed to leave no impression it was considered a marker of their printer's ability to have a result. 

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