Salehoo and Worldwide Brands

There are a lot of articles that compare the Salehoo and Worldwide Brands directories to one another, and many will be longer and more detailed than this.  I’m just going to write a short summary of each and then quickly compare the key points.

Salehoo was founded in 2005 in New Zealand and is a directory of certified wholesalers, liquidators, drop shippers and manufacturers from around the world.  Membership costs $67 per year and for that you get access to some basic tutorials, forums, support, product research tools and of course the main directory of suppliers.

Worldwide Brands is very similar – it’s a directory of about 8,000 certified wholesalers and drop shippers – and it comes with many of the same extras as well, including support, forums and research tools.  Membership costs $249, but that’s for lifetime access whereas Salehoo is $67 per year.

Both directories have millions of products available at trade prices, but Worldwide Brands has many more than Salehoo – 16 million compared to 2.5 million.

Then of course there’s the cost of membership – Salehoo is $67 per year, every year, and Worldwide Brands costs a one off fee of $249 with no extra charges.  This makes Salehoo initially cheaper but in the long term more expensive.

Both are good directories, but Worldwide Brands is better long term value for money and has millions more products to buy.

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