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2017 Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost First Drive that is 10-Speed

Technology is on a forward march, and it is not unusual for new technology to be met with hostility or skepticism by traditionalists. And few niches are more conventional than trucks. When the transmission that is 10speed was announced by Ford to the 2017 F150 3.5L EcoBoost , we almost immediately heard the grumblings of “it will be too busy,” “It will be a nightmare to work on,” “It will not hold up to towing,” and so on. While realworld reliability remains to be seen, Ford subjects all its products, and its trucks specifically, to rigorous testing. Taking into consideration the F150 is its item and the crown jewel of the Ford lineup, we doubt they would launch it. And as far as the experience, prepare to be surprised. All of our expectations were surpassed behind the wheel. There are a number of real, tangible benefits to the 10speed in real world usage.
Concerning the transmission everything. The transmission isn’t an evolution of last year’s six rate but instead a design. The transmission was codeveloped with General Motors and a variant of it is employed at the 2017 Camaro ZL1. However, calibration and software is unique to each manufacturer. The ratio spread is shorter and wider than the sixspeed gears to get a launching that is confident. The transmission is the first from Ford. Highstrength aluminum, steel is extensively utilized by the transmission, and where composites. 2 lbs are saved by an torque converter/turbine clutch. This transmission’s package dimensions and weight is extremely near the sixspeed.
One was that the experience that is subjective. Can the transmission be hunting for the ratio, making for an encounter behind the wheel? Control calibration and the software on the transmission makes the amount of ratios while that might have been an outcome with that ratios. Gears can be kicked down by the transmission . Meaning it could go to 5 or 6 from 9 or 10 if the situation warrants. Engineers claim the transmission can jump as many as six ratios at a kickdown. Under wideopen throttle acceleration from a stop, the transmission goes through the ratios. The encounter isn’t jarring or offputting even though it shifts than a transmission. It shuffles quickly providing acceleration. The calibration is smart enough to know when it’s hauling or towing and will hold the gear that is perfect as long as required. When towing a 9,900 pound trailer, the truck held gear up the mountain, providing the best ratio and got up to speed. You can find more information about truck tool box with rails on lid at uws tool box.
Another big news for 2017 is an extensively updated 3.5L EcoBoost V6. Other nearly every area of the motor, than the bore and stroke is upgraded, including a new aluminum block casting. On the end, the bucket tappet valvetrain was replaced with roller finger followers for improved NVH and reduced friction. The new 3.5L EcoBoost also uses a brand new dual port/direct injection system for enhanced emissions. The turbochargers are new for 2017. These changes result in 50 lbft of torque and more significantly, a net gain of 10 hp, for 470 lbft of torque and a total of 375 hp , the maximum torque output of any pickup that is 1/2ton that is present, such as diesels and V8s. Combined with this 10speed’s ratios make for a combination ideal for a truck’s use. Another major update is the inclusion of automatic stopstart into the 3.5L EcoBoost for 2017. Like the 2.7L and other programs, the operation is extremely smooth and fast, feeling much like a hybridvehicle. The machine is defeatable via a button for those traditionalists that like to burn off gas.
Sales of this EcoBoost F150 since its launch have silenced the doubters. Even though the 10speed is just officially offered using the 3.5L EcoBoost for 2017, Ford representatives strongly inferred it would be offered more broadly within the F150 lineup in the long run. We see that as a positive development, after having experienced it ourselves. We have another chance to experience it. We can not wait.

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